A Word from Your Crossroads Team: Today’s blog post is the second in a series of posts by Crossroads Bible College faculty and staff for Black History Month. Read the first post in this series—by Dr. Bob Kellemen—at Hardships Do Not Make It Too Hard to Love.

Death Count: Who’s Taking Them Out

Police cars dart around the corner with ambulances following their lead. The sirens of both echo through the neighborhood as members within the community wait for the obvious conclusion.  Commonly, they will hear the cries of loved ones responding to the disgusting view before their eyes. Others will catch the rueful news on their television stations as they query, “When will the violence end?” Another black body is strewn about the streets or in a home, another act of savagery, not just upon a body, but upon a dream—a parent’s dream for a better life for their child. 

Even so, who is executing these dreamers? Per the FBI in 2012, 4,582 African American dreamers lost their lives in their communities. Some might say it’s the police that are the number one killers of blacks in our cities. This is wrong—justified and unjustified shooting of black Americans by officers account for 258 deaths in 2015 and 173 out of 708 as of September 2016. These numbers were supported by the Washington Post 

Surely, the correct response to the killers of dreamers are drugs. Unfortunately, drugs have had a long history in our community. However, sadly, again, I would have to inform you that you are wrong. Several indicators show that drug use is down among blacks and browns in America. An article by Joel Achenbach and Dan Keating of the Washington Post, mark the decline. That’s good news though the death rate is still too high.  

Death Count: The Number One Killer of Our Dreams

The number one killer of African Americans has its genesis in 1859. The date might sound familiar to many. Darwinism is the predecessor of our final exit. You can see it in the often not cited title in his book, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Though the idea of preferred races and the struggle for life did not get its full explanation as it relates to humanity until he wrote The Decent of Man, one did not need much of an imagination to determine who was not a favored race. Springing out of The Origin of Species was the idea of eugenics.

Darwin’s cousin, Sir Francis Galton, birthed this idea in scientific viability. It would take root in America long before it was fully implemented in Nazi Germany. In fact, Edwin Black tells us that the idea to use public gas chambers to get rid of the “unfit” was entrenched in the psych of some American intellectuals as early as 1918. Notwithstanding, a favorable attitude about eugenics via sterilization was being practiced in the United States prior to 1909. Still, ridding the world of all the unfit would find its fullest acceptance under the guise of Planned Parenthood.   

We Are Killing Ourselves

Tucked away in various corners of inner city communities is our most acceptable civic murder: abortions at the hands of Planned Parenthood. Under the façade of family planning or the reproductive rights of women, this organization is praised by most black leaders and the constitutional muscles of the United States government. Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, would be proud. Through her association, she has been able to do by law what centuries of lynching could not do. Under the guise of praise, she has orchestrated the death of millions of black dreamers. Since its legalization, Planned Parenthood has been responsible for 15 million deaths in the black community according to BlackGenecide.org. They go on to say that a staggering 1,876 black babies are murdered every day in America with Planned Parenthood’s hands knee-deep in blood. However, Planned Parenthood is not the only organization participating in these deaths.

Unfortunately, not only does this form of genocide have the blessing of black politicians, it is promoted by many of our pastors. While hyping The Negro Project, Margaret Sanger boasted that black pastors would be her most useful tool in promoting our death. If the idea should become public that the real goal behind Planned Parenthood was the extermination of black lives, pastors would be their greatest advocates in putting that truth to rest, she claimed.  Interestingly, protecting black lives theologically while promoting our death via political representatives is still one of the conundrums among many of our leaders. Yet, there is still hope. 

Getting Back to the Word

Genesis 1:26 must be a rebirthed idea within our community: “Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness….’” God’s Word must be rejuvenated in our theology and our politics. We must remind every leader in our citizenry that the foundation upon which our rebuff of abortion rests is on the Word of God. It goes beyond the scientific fact that human life starts at conception. It is deeper than the logical arguments of the pro-life community. It is our spiritual DNA.

Living out this biblical worldview demands that we discard every legislator and advocate who supports the genocide of black Americans. This new lived out attitude tells the world that we have realigned ourselves with God’s Word. It affirms that we cast off every idea that equates our lives with being social outcasts, the unfit, or evolutionary mistakes.  

There’s a Brighter Day Coming

Though it is true that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., accepted an award from Planned Parenthood in 1966, that mistake does not have to define our religious duplicity forever. Though abortion was not legal then, I am confident what Planned Parenthood is would not represent Dr. King’s position on life currently. We can and must be examples of that brighter day coming.

The church must become central to the Black Lives Matter movement, and it must start with a denunciation of abortion. Under the leadership of Christ, this must be our new cry. It will be reminiscent of the words of Dr. King heard from every pulpit and hamlet, from every hill and molehill, and across the nations. All lives matter, and it starts in the womb of mothers.