Hi, I’m Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter.   

There’s a lot of talk these days about race relations.  But, you know, it seems the more we talk, the more divided society becomes.  What do we really need today?  Well, we need to apply a biblical worldview.  God’s word must guide us as we review the sins of the past, and the Bible offers practical, reasonable solutions for today.  More than ever, we need biblically grounded truth – not an us versus them mentality.  We need solutions.   

And that’s why I’m pleased to recommend Dr. Charles Ware’s message of grace relations.  Dr. Ware likes to speak of grace, rather than race relations, and that’s because he believes in just one race, the human race, as we’re taught in God’s word in Acts chapter 17.   

The human race is sinful, and it needs the forgiveness and transformation found in the gospel.  And I know firsthand how Dr. Ware’s message is based upon biblical transformational truth.  You see, he and I coauthored One Race One Blood.  In this timely book, Dr. Ware and I share about the root causes of sins against humanity.  And the book presents solutions from the Bible confirmed by science.   

Dr. Ware has been addressing these issues for decades both nationally and internationally.  And while no one has all the practical answers to every issue we face, Dr. Ware’s ministry provides biblical answers to many of them from Genesis to Revelation.  So, if you’re looking for a speaker or consultant with solid, biblical answers, go to Grace Relations Network.  And I urge you to visit the website of gracerelations.net.