About Grace Relations

Grace Relations is a community of individuals, churches, and ministries that are passionate about applying the grace of God to conversations about race and ethnicity – grace relations, not race relations.

The mission of Grace Relations is to equip Christians to engage in interracial and multiethnic ministry through:

Encouragement (Ephesians 4:29)

Loving Relationships (John 13:35)

Evangelism & Discipleship (Matthew 28:19-20)

Glorifying God (Matthew 6:9-10)


Grace Relations seeks to engage in long-term relationships with churches, organizations and individuals by creating a positive, uplifting experience for members and clients that improves their engagement with interracial and unifying multiethnic conversations and activities. It draws on the international recognition and expertise of Dr. A. Charles Ware, and his Grace DREAM materials to conduct conferences, consulting, and training.


Grace Relations engages in key partnerships with experts to offer the following services:

Community and church forums on race relations

One-day conferences that provide networking and collaborative opportunities

Individual/organizational coaching & consulting




All Grace Relations Training is biblically-based and theological in context. It is broadly applicable wherever constituencies accept these values and principles. Contact us for information about training opportunities.



      • Dare to Dream – crafting the vison
      • Reality Check – considering the culture
      • Expect Challenges – counting the cost
      • Applications in Your Local Context
      • Measurables – evaluating results, clarifying next steps



Consultation services are provided through the Grace Relations Network to churches and organizations to:


  • Assist with Grace Relations strategic planning.
  • Offer leadership and ministry ideas.
  • Help with brainstorming about client’s specific ministry context.
  • Help with conflict mediation and resolution.
  • Provide additional training, mentoring, or coaching.

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