Answers For Women Conference 2018

Race, Grace, and the Gospel with Dr. A. Charles Ware and Dr. Georgia Purdom. Find the original blog on the Answers in Genesis Blog

“Grace (Not Race) Relations” – Dr. Ware at the Creation Museum

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Morality and Grace Relations

Although the Alabama election is behind us, the responses to the accusations and allegations against Roy Moore revealed more than an unsurprising rift between the political parties. The responses exposed the need for the role of morality in this type of discussion....

“Prayer” – Dr. Ware Preaches on Matthew 6

"Prayer" Dr. Ware's Chapel Message from Matthew chapter 6. Delivered at Crossroads Bible College on 1/23/17

Police and Citizens: Building Trust through Healthy Communication

Crossroads Bible College is passionate about engaging the political, cultural, and racial tensions within our community. We are putting feet to our passion by inviting the community to join a community forum at Crossroads with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police...

One Race One Blood: Dr. Charles Ware with Chris Brooks on Worldview, Unity, and Making a Difference

One Race One Blood As racial struggles continue to divide our country, how can individual believers enhance the unity of our communities? What philosophical dynamics keep us apart? Dr. Charles Ware, president of Crossroads Bible College joins Chris Brooks to discuss...

Dr. Ware’s Challenge to Incoming Students At Crossroads Bible College

Dr. Ware's New Student Address. August 10, 2016

Racial Reconciliation Panel – Bethel Church Gary Campus 07.31.16

Racial Reconciliation Panel - Bethel Church Gary Campus 07.31.16 from Bethel Church on Vimeo.

“The Big Decision” Sermon By Dr. Ware at College Park

"The Big Decision" By Dr. Ware on 7/17/16. Part of a sermon series entitled "A Tale of Two Kingdoms" At College Park Church in Indianapolis Indiana.

Moody Radio Interviews Dr. Ware Following the Dallas Ambush

Moody Radio "New Day Indy" interviews Dr. Charles Ware on the topic of the Dallas Shooting. (Source: