Ferguson: How Should the Church Respond?


Ferguson: How Should the Church Respond?


Ferguson: How Should the Church Respond?

This article seeks to propose a way out of the racial tensions dividing our country and churches. Ken Davis, a white evangelical leader involved for over thirty years in multiethnic urban ministry, shares what he has learned as he has sought to listen and learn from African–American Christian friends and ministry associates who have had to deal with these issues in ways he has not. Dr. Charles Ware, an African–American leader who has led and served in multiethnic urban and predominately white ministries for over forty–three years, shares what he has learned to accept as honest questions that many of his white evangelical friends and coworkers wrestle with as they hear and are confronted with charges of racism either personally or nationally.
     While Ken Davis and Dr. Ware do not propose to have all the answers, they are committed to engage in collaborative conversations that lead toward comprehensive solutions. Their goal is to seek a deeper understanding of the divided perceptions concerning the dual problems of racism and injustice by listening more carefully to others within the family of God who can speak to these issues in ways they cannot.  Based on the insights gleaned from listening, they share key lessons learned and propose some positive steps churches, Christian ministries, and leaders can take to biblically address these concerns.


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