Take The Next Step

We are so grateful for your willingness to respond to Dr. Ware’s challenge to accept the next step of learning more about racial reconciliation (Grace Relations). To that end, Crossroads Bible College is offering our very popular class “Culture, Race and the Church” in an online format. You are invited to sign up as a “guest student” meaning you won’t have to take the tests and won’t be earning college credits. By taking the class as our guest, you will only pay $150, saving over $1000 on the regular price of the class!

Culture, Race and the Church

The Culture, Race and the Church course examines opportunities, problems, and hindrances to ministry in a multicultural society with emphasis on urban North America. The history of culture, contributions, religion, and family life of major minority groups are surveyed. A biblical view of racism, segregation, interracial marriage, the origin of races, culture, and church responsibilities is developed. It follows as the next step to Dr. Ware’s message of racial reconciliation and the church.

To get started, sign up below. We’ll be in touch and get you into our next class cohort, typically starting within the next 6 weeks. We are so excited about your commitment to take the next step!